Treehenge Circle
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Thoughts and ruminations from the members of the Treehenge Druidic Circle.

The following works are shared with copyright-holders' permission.

Ariovistus' Charge by Chief Ariovistus/Iannin
Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente
Friendship Blessing by unknown
A Brief History of Christianity, for Fellow Pagans by Joseph C. Nemeth
Phases of the Moon by Joseph C. Nemeth
Thoughts on Time and Space by Joseph C. Nemeth
What to Wear to a Druid Gathering by Joseph C. Nemeth
Taliesin's Tale by Joseph C. Nemeth
A Bardic Prayer by Marta L. Restrepo
Winter Solstice by Marta L. Restrepo
ALBERTO by Marta L. Restrepo
In honor of my brother, 1956-2009
Sam Hane -- Lord of the Dead by Joseph C. Nemeth
For fun. Enjoy!
Dad Gordon by Marta Restrepo
Recommended References for Inquiring Druids by Steward of the Wood
Charter of the Treehenge Druidic Circle by Themon