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Charter for Treehenge Druidic Circle, an OBOD Grove


The purpose of the Treehenge Druidic Circle Grove (the Grove) is to celebrate the eight seasonal rites of OBOD, support Members in their individual Druidic paths, and be of service to our local communities.

Identity and Charter

The Treehenge Druidic Circle, headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, is a grove of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD,, and is aligned with OBOD principles and rules. It must have two members of the Druid grade, and functions in a manner compatible with the guidelines of OBOD, as published on their website at

The Grove is guided by this Charter, and may amend or modify this Charter according to the Process described below.


The Grove is a voluntary, egalitarian organization with no fixed offices or terms.

It has the following voluntary offices, which rotate among the Members:

  • Web Bard, responsible for maintaining and updating the Grove website.
  • Facilitator, responsible for facilitating Grove gorseddu.
  • Record Keeper, responsible for keeping notes of any decisions reached at gorseddu.


The Grove recognizes two official levels of involvement: Guest, and Member


Anyone who asks to be added to the Grove mailing list for public events, or anyone who attends any public Grove event.

Guests are welcome at any public Grove event, if they are not disruptive to the event; they are normally not invited to private Grove events, though exceptions can be made with consent of a majority of the members. Guests do not participate in the decision-making processes of the Grove.


Has officially enrolled in one or more of the OBOD training courses (Bardic, Ovate, or Druidic grade), either currently or in the past; evidences an ongoing interest in Druidry; and is actively involved in Treehenge Grove activities.

Furthermore, has participated in at least four of the eight seasonal celebrations, or has been specifically invited to join the membership by a majority of Members.

Members are invited to all Grove events, as appropriate to their grade in the Order, and participate in the decision-making processes of the Grove.

Any Member shall lose Member status if they request to terminate their membership; cease active involvement in Grove activities for more than one year; or their membership status is rescinded by a majority of the members.


Decisions that affect the Grove are ratified at Grove gorseddu, after open discussion and thought.

Gorseddu are held, if possible, at least four times a year, and preferably more frequently.

Each gorsedd must have a designated Facilitator and Record Keeper. It opens with a preliminary period of grounding, the Druid’s Prayer and a call for Peace. It begins with a Talking Circle, the intent of which is to allow each Member to speak briefly from the heart, and for all other Members to listen actively from the heart.

A clear order of speakers is established, typically passing the talking piece to the left; is held by the Facilitator, who speaks first; is passed to the next Member, allowing each person to speak in turn; is passed until it returns to the Facilitator. The talking piece may pass among the Members as many times as necessary, at the discretion of the Facilitator.

Only the person holding the talking piece may speak. No one may interrupt the person holding the talking piece. The person holding the talking piece is not required to speak, and may pass it without speaking. The person who holds the talking piece speaks briefly, honestly, and from the heart.

Those who do not hold the talking piece listen with the heart.

The Facilitator is responsible for maintaining order during the Talking Circle, by reminding members of the rules of the Talking Circle. Agenda setting, discussion, voting, or other activities may follow the Talking Circle. Each gorsedd closes with the Druids' Peace Prayer (Here In Peace...).


A quorum of 50% of the membership must be present to vote. Voting is by a three-way vote, of affirmation, abstention, or dissent, informally known as “thumbs up” (“aye”), “thumbs sideways” (“abstain”), or “thumbs down” (“nay”). Each Member present has one vote. Votes carry by simple majority.

An initial round of voting proceeds by consensus, in which a simple majority of assent with no dissent carries. A dissenting vote is a call for further discussion: Dissenting voters are invited to express their reason for dissent, which must involve the good of the Grove, not merely personal disagreement.

After reasons for dissent have been expressed and discussed, a second round of voting proceeds, in which a simple majority of assent carries. Results of voting are communicated to the membership via the mailing list, and published on the Treehenge web site.


The business of the Grove is the business of all Members.


The Grove does not manage money in any form. Financial outlays for Grove activities are the individual responsibilities of Members, offered and shared freely as gifts of time and materials.


The Grove does not endorse anyone or anything, other than the training courses of OBOD.


The Grove does not proselytize.